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Benefits of Membership

There will be many challenges to be faced at Penn State . You will have to establish new friends and adjust to college academics. There are many organizations, clubs, and activities here at Penn State University that offer things such as friendship, academic support, leadership skills, and social activities. However, only a fraternity/sorority can provide you with all of these opportunities, and many others, in a single organization. Greek life is an excellent way for you to ease into college life, enabling you to develop socially & intellectually.


As a member of the Greek community, you will have the opportunity to meet students of various backgrounds with both similar and different interest in a smaller, more comfortable atmosphere than our University of 40,000 usually offers. Within each of the chapters, there is a close bond of friendship and family which only the Greek atmosphere can foster. The ideal of brotherhood/sisterhood is a cornerstone upon which each fraternity/sorority is built and from which you will receive the greatest benefit. Every person contributes to this aspect. The Greek system combines the concept of individualism within the framework of mutual cooperation.

As a member of a Greek organization you will form friendships unlike those found in other organizations. Greek membership is not conformity. No sorority or fraternity is made up of members who are exactly alike. By choosing to enter Greek life, you will meet those who will become you closest friends, those who will cheer you on when you're successful and cheer you on when the going gets tough. From this unbreakable support system you can easily branch off into other areas of college life, knowing all the while your Greek family is behind you no matter what.


The academic portion of your college career is one significant determinant in your future success. A primary purpose of the Greek community is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members. Several factors contribute to this academic atmosphere, including peer tutoring, counseling by other Greeks, and chapter study hours which introduce new students to the studying that college requires.

Within each Greek organization there are members in a wide variety of colleges and departments. This is an advantage in that you will be able to seek help from others who are taking or have taken the same classes and there will others who can advise you on which classes and instructors are the best in many fields.

Nationally just over 50% of students graduate from college. However, U.S. Department of Education data shows the Greek members graduate at a rate in excess of 70%! Fraternities & Sororities help you meet the challenge of balancing academics while gaining the most from your collegiate experience.

The combination of friendships and Greek family, intermingling with solid academic excellence goals help you become a well-rounded, intelligent member of the PSU community, and of the work force when you graduate.


In a fraternity or sorority, you will be in "charge" of an event or a duty. Everyone in the Greek family is a leader, whether you're an officer, on a committee, or a participant. You will learn by doing. You will learn how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public, motivate others ... skills that will help you in college and throughout your life. These days it takes more than just a degree to get a good job - it takes leadership experience.

-- 48% of all United States Presidents have been Greek
-- 42% of all United States Senators are Greek
-- 30% of all United States Congressmen/women are Greek
-- 40% of all United States Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
-- 30% of Fortune 500 Executives are Greek
-- 10% of all listed in Who's Who are Greek
-- Greek Life provides the most successful leadership development program for college students
-- Greeks are the largest and most visible values based organizations on campus


The Nittany Lion Greek community provides services to more than just its members. One of the many advantages of being part of the Greek community is time spent helping others in need.

The campus and the State College area are constantly reaping the benefits of the Greek community. The commitment found in Greek members can be seen in the enthusiasm they have in giving back to the community in Community service, also known as Philanthropies.

Philanthropies are projects and events organized by groups or individuals to benefit the surrounding communities. They can involve members from one Greek organization or from the entire Greek community. What is most important is that Greek organizations work side by side to help local or national charitable organizations and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction these activities provide.

-- Nationally, Greeks provide the largest network of volunteers in the United States
-- Nationally, Greeks contributed 10 million hours of volunteer service each year
-- PSU Greeks each year raise millions of dollars thru the IFC/PHC Dance Marathon, the largest student run philanthropy in the world


Say you've graduated or are just looking for a summer job. In today's economy and job market, it's going to take more than looking at want-ads and job postings. You need to network with people. The larger Nittany Lion family is a good place to start, but Greek organizations are another way to do this. Using the resources of Greek members like alumni, you may find just the job you are looking for. Joining the Greek system can be an investment in your future!

-- Nationally, there are 123 Fraternities and Sororities
-- Penn State University is home to 80 organizations and growing
-- Nationally, there are 9 million Greeks (750,000 undergraduate members, 12,000 chapters, located on 800 campuses in USA and Canada)


209 Hub-Robeson Center
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-8065